How to Overcome Laziness While Studying & Do Homework Fast

Why am I so lazy to study? This is among the many questions students often ask when they need to study but lack the psych or the motivation to keep them studying.

Every person feels lazy at some point, and as a student, you shouldn’t worry because you aren’t the only one. However, studying and doing homework are among the significant aspects of a student’s career life. This implies that despite the laziness feeling, you must devise ways how to not be lazy to study as a move to reach and attain your career goals and objectives.

Suppose you are feeling unmotivated to study; keep reading this guide to realize useful insights on how to stop being lazy in school, study, and do homework and assignments well without having issues.

Why do students feel too lazy to do homework?

Are you wondering what’s making you feel too lazy to study? Below are some of the possible reasons.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the many tasks ahead of you
  • Lack of interests
  • Lack of the required materials and resources to facilitate effective studying
  • Lack of support
  • Complex homework or assignment
  • Lack of a clear plan
  • Distractions from the surrounding environment

How to overcome laziness while studying

If you’ve lost the psych and motivation to keep studying and doing homework and wondering how to not be lazy in school, you may need to consider the following elements:

  1. Keep off distractions

When studying or doing homework, distractions come in different forms. For instance, noise from the people surrounding you, social media distractions, and distractions from friends who want you to engage in other activities. Therefore, to ensure maximum concentration, avoid any form of distraction that can affect you when studying.

  1. Create a practical schedule

A schedule or a timetable will help you to plan the tasks you want to achieve within a specific timeframe. Especially when handling several homework tasks, creating a timetable will help you stay focused to complete one assignment as you eye the next, thus giving you the ultimate motivation you need when it comes to matters about studying.

  1. Have goals

Before studying begins, most students experience a hard time determining where to begin. Therefore, the best way to know where to start from is by breaking large tasks into manageable tasks.

It is common to feel lazy when the tasks ahead seem too complex or too huge to handle. However, with simplified and small tasks, it becomes easy to begin and finish what seems a large and hard-to-accomplish task.

  1. Get help

In some instances, it becomes quite hard to understand a concept or a given topic, even when the teacher is in class. Again, there come moments when no matter how much you want, you cant concentrate fully. Above all, you can miss a class or a given lesson due to unavoidable circumstances.

Such scenarios shouldn’t make you feel bad. Make it an initiative to always ask for more help from the teacher or a fellow student seeking clarification.

  1. Do not procrastinate!

Among the many elements that make students feel lazy and bored with schoolwork is procrastinating and doing the work at the right time.

While procrastinating may seem easy, it makes students become lazy by pushing the tasks ahead more and more. Therefore, if you’ve planned to study at a given time, stay disciplined and study well!


It is okay to feel lazy, especially when you want to study. However, you can always devise plans on how to study when you dont want to, and the tips in this guide are perfect for every student feeling too lazy to study.

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