Is Homework Beneficial and Effective? Pros & Cons for Students

There have been many questions about homework with the parties involved, teachers, students, and parents trying to analyze the effectiveness of homework. While everyone will always have their own perspectives about homework, the reality is that homework has both positive and negative impacts on students. It all depends on the individual’s overview of the whole concept of homework.

Top questions about homework

To simplify an overview of homework, let’s, first of all, answer the questions below:

Does homework make you smarter?

According to some research, students who often do and love the idea of doing homework develop improved study habits. Throughout the whole process, students get a better understanding of the subject or topic in question, thus becoming smarter.

Is homework beneficial?

This is a question that has been raised over and over again, with many wondering if homework does more good than bad.

While homework helps students develop good study habits and improve their academic affairs, too much homework can have negative effects on a student’s academic life. Therefore, homework is beneficial in some ways and harmful in other ways as well.

How does homework help students?

Homework help students in varied ways. For instance, mastering what they’ve discussed in class, using time effectively, and improving academically.

Why is homework important?

If you are wondering how homework can help you academically, then you need to review the following advantages of homework.

  • Helps students use their free time well

After school hours, students often have extra time to spend. When not well-disciplined, students can engage in unproductive activities that can affect their academic and general life. For instance, doing drugs and engaging in bad companies, among others.

  • Helps students to learn time management

It is through doing homework that students get to learn about managing time effectively. For instance, when a student has several homework tasks to accomplish, they learn how to schedule the time to handle each task and learn how to maintain discipline. Time management is not only an important skill when doing homework but when handling life generally, especially in workplaces.

  • Parents get involved

Homework does not only help students and teachers, but it also helps parents track the progress of students, enabling them to appreciate their efforts and understand the student’s weaknesses as they encourage them.

  • Teachers understand students at a personal level

Teachers, too, benefit from homework because they can do an analysis of each student, understanding the weakness of each student. This, therefore, helps teachers understand the areas that need extra effort to help students perform better.

Does homework have any cons?

Having discovered some of the advantages of homework, let’s now do an analysis of some homework cons.

  • Causes stress

Some students will feel instant stress just at the mention of homework. Especially when the task is complex, or there is too much homework with a limited time, students often feel anxious and stressed while figuring out how to handle the whole matter. Too much stress and anxiety can lead to poor health issues, thus affecting their academic progress and life as a whole.

  • Denies students’ socialization time

After spending all the time in school studying, students often look forward to relaxing, socializing with others, and meeting other activities such as cooking and doing laundry, among others. However, with homework in question, students lack time to do personal activities and socialize with friends and family, which is a crucial element in everybody’s life.


If you’ve always wondered whether to embrace homework or not as a student, you have all the reasons to love homework, but when in moderation. Therefore, it is the duty of the teachers to give students homework moderately to help them learn and to have time to meet other activities.